Volume 25 Number 5 (Journal of NLP)

ISSN 1340-7619
Journal of Natural Language Processing Volume 25 Number 5

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[title in Japanese] Eiji Aramaki 485


Improved BTG-based Preordering for SMT via Parallel Parameter Averaging: An Empirical Study Hao Wang and Yves Lepage 487
Replacement of Unknown Words Using an Attention Model in Japanese to English Neural Machine Translation Saki Ibe, Yoshitatsu Matsuda and Kazunori Yamaguchi 511
Between Reading Time and the Information Status of Noun Phrases Masayuki Asahara 527
A Reference-less Evaluation Metric Based on Grammaticality, Fluency, and Meaning Preservation in Grammatical Error Correction Hiroki Asano, Tomoya Mizumoto and Kentaro Inui 555
Detecting Untranslated Content for Neural Machine Translation Isao Goto and Hideki Tanaka 577
Syntactic Matching Methods in Pivot Translation Akiva Miura, Graham Neubig, Katsuhito Sudoh and Satoshi Nakamura 599

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Akihiro Tamura 631

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