Volume 24 Number 4 (Journal of NLP)

ISSN 1340-7619
Journal of Natural Language Processing Volume 24 Number 4

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[title in Japanese] Kazuhide Yamamoto 521


Dialog Act Classification Using Features Intrinsic to Dialog Acts in an Open-Domain Conversation Tomotaka Fukuoka and Kiyoaki Shirai 523
Building a Sentiment Dictionary for News Analytics using Stock Prices Keiichi Goshima and Hiroshi Takahashi 547
Cross-lingual Product Recommendation System Using Collaborative Filtering Kanako Komiya, Minoru Sasaki, Hiroyuki Shinnou and Yoshiyuki Kotani 579
Multi-domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation Based on Feature Augmentation Kenji Imamura and Eiichiro Sumita 597
Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment with IBM Models for Statistical Phrase-based Machine Translation Hao Wang and Yves Lepage 619

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