Volume 22 Number 3 (Journal of NLP)

ISSN 1340-7619
Journal of Natural Language Processing Volume 22 Number 3

Table of Contents


[title in Japanese] Masaaki Nagata 137


Parallel Sentence Extraction Based on Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Chenhui Chu, Toshiaki Nakazawa and Sadao Kurohashi 139
Stacking Approach to Temporal Relation Classification with Temporal Inference Natsuda Laokulrat, Makoto Miwa and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka 171
Summarizing a Document by Trimming a Nested Tree Structure Yuta Kikuchi, Tsutomu Hirao, Hiroya Takamura, Manabu Okumura and Masaaki Nagata 197

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