Volume 21 Number 6 (Journal of NLP)

ISSN 1340-7619
Journal of Natural Language Processing Volume 21 Number 6

Table of Contents


[title in Japanese] Daisuke Kawahara 1105


Noise-aware Character Alignment for Extracting Transliteration Fragments Katsuhito Sudohy, Shinsuke Mori and Masaaki Nagata 1107
Usage Analysis of Old-Fashioned Words based on the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese Wakako Kashino and Manabu Okumura 1133
Language-independent Approach to High Quality Dependency Selection from Automatic Parses Gongye Jin, Daisuke Kawahara and Sadao Kurohashi 1163
A Simple Approach to Unknown Word Processing in Japanese Morphological Analysis Ryohei Sasano, Sadao Kurohashi and Manabu Okumura 1183
Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Case Alternation between the Passive/Causative and Active Voices Ryohei Sasano, Daisuke Kawahara, Sadao Kurohashi and Manabu Okumura 1207

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