About the Association for Natural Language Processing

The Association for Natural Language Processing was established on April 1, 1994, as a place for presenting language processing research findings in Japan as well as a venue for international academic exchanges.
Through the publication of a quarterly association journal titled Journal of Natural Language Processing and the hosting of annual meetings of the Association for Natural Language Processing, the association strives to promote this academic field, develop and diffuse applied technologies, foster international communication among scholars, technicians and users, and develop human resources.


October 31, 2014
Newsletter(Vol.21 No.4) has been published. (in Japanese)

Sep 16, 2014
Our LaTeX file corpus has been updated. (in Japanese)

July 11, 2014
Newsletter(Vol.21 No.3) has been published. It has announced 20-th Anniversary Best Paper Award (in Japanese)

June 27, 2014
Newsletter(Vol.21 No.2) has been published. (in Japanese)

June 16, 2014
ANLP 20th anniversary symposium (in Japanese)

May 17, 2014
Messages from Best Paper Award 2013 Winners (in Japanese)

April 9, 2014
JNLP Publication Fee Reduction Campaign (extended)

April 7, 2014
Special discount to student members (extended)

April 1, 2014
Our 20th anniversary.

February 19, 2014
Newsletter(Vol.21 No.1) has been published. (in Japanese)


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